We are harnessing information technology for good, to achieve human and environmental balance, in our hyperconnected world.

The world today is growing in complexity with globalised systems of trade and communication.

Human and environmental imbalances are becoming more visible to everyone around the world.

Breakthroughs in information technology offer great opportunities to build a better future, but also risk intensifying imbalances, such as social inequity and environmental degradation.

Are we drifting on the currents of technology advancement, or are we collectively navigating a charted course towards a better future?

If we want to be able to navigate, three imperatives are:

  1. To know where we are now
  2. To know our destination
  3. To know how to measure our progress

To address these navigational challenges, we are experimenting with new information technology systems designs and trial implementations in small, tightly-bounded parts of our socio-economic system.

We believe there is a need for a more collaborative approach which enables everyone to actively shape and feel included in the socio-economic systems which affect all our lives - and we would like your help.

How will the future work?
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